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Newsmax Host Claims Texas Democrats Want to Make Voting ‘Overly Easy’

Newsmax Host Claims Texas Democrats Want to Make Voting ‘Overly Easy’

Newsmax host Greg Stinchfield claimed on Tuesday that Senate Bill 7 – the draconian new voter suppression measures signed into law by Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott over Memorial Day weekend – makes it easier to vote and that Democrats in the Lone Star State who opposed the legislation are trying to make it “overly easy” to cast a ballot.


The bill – which was meticulously tailored to preventing people of color from voting – “would restrict Sunday voting when many Black worshipers vote. It would also bar drive-through voting and 24-hour voting locations while giving more access to partisan poll watchers, among other things,” Hill Reporter noted on Saturday.

President Joe Biden called it “wrong and un-American. In the 21st century, we should be making it easier, not harder, for every eligible voter to vote.”

But in right-wing propaganda land, the reductions in polling places and stricter identification requirements imposed on majority-Democratic districts are a good thing for democracy.

Stinchfield admitted that he had no evidence that “drive-thru voting caused any issues but it’s not how the legislature laid out elections to be run” because “in Texas, there’s already like two weeks of early voting here. I broadcast from Texas. I’ve been here for almost two decades now.”

Stinchfield said that “if you want to go vote in Texas, it’s so easy to go vote. What the Democrats tried to do, though, was make it overly easy to vote, try to get everybody and their brother to either mail-in a ballot, jump in the car with mom and dad, file your ballot from the backseat of your car,” adding that “Republicans are saying, ‘hey, we’ve gotta rein this back in just to get back to let’s go to the polls.’ If you want a mail-in ballot, well then request one. But you can’t just have everybody getting mail-in ballots. You need a reason why you would mail one in. Otherwise, go to the polls. It’s one of the great American events to go out and vote. What’s the problem? If you want to vote you can do it in Texas. It’s very easy.”

Jason Campbell of Media Matters for America posted the clip to Twitter.

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