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Newsmax Host and Guest Praise Waterboarding, Wish There Was More of It

Newsmax Host and Guest Praise Waterboarding, Wish There Was More of It

Newsmax propagandist Grant Stinchfield said on Wednesday’s edition of Stinchfield that he wishes that waterboarding had been used on all terrorism suspects that were detained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. His guest, former Pentagon spokesperson JD Gordon, then falsely asserted that torture is an effective means of obtaining vital information.

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In other words, torture is good and the United States Constitution should be ignored for convenience.

Stinchfield first suggested that non-profits fighting for human rights are bad:

You know, J.D., when people hear these non-governmental organizations, NGOs, they think, oh, nonprofits, they’re harmless. Not so much the case, is it?

Gordon agreed:

Not at all. This is a lot more harmful than just a far-left grift. Human rights organizations are part of an industry that’s worth about $16 billion a year. And not only is it a grift against U.S. taxpayers and everyone else in the world who they’re able to get money from, it has serious national security implications, Grant, because as you mentioned, basically what they did is for two decades they fundraised to help free prisoners from Guantanamo, from Afghanistan, from Iraq. We’re talking about members of the Taliban, al Qaeda, other terror organizations. They worked overtime to free these guys. They helped create the situation we have now in Afghanistan, where they pushed so hard to release the Taliban from Afghanistan — from Guantanamo — they’re now back in Afghanistan running the country.

Next, Stinchfield declared himself judge, jury, and executioner:

They made it seem as though every single person on Guantanamo was being waterboarded, or whipped with chains, or whatever else it might be. Personally, my own personal opinion, J.D., is I really don’t care if we waterboarded every single one of them. They were terror suspects, and in my mind, they were all guilty. But that’s neither here nor there. They made it seem as everybody was getting this done and that wasn’t the case either, was it J.D.?

Gordon then defended the barbaric practice:

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It wasn’t the case at all. Just three detainees were waterboarded and none at Guantanamo. Waterboarding did not even happen at Guantanamo but yet the mainstream media basically had this hoax, if you will, that detainees were getting abused systematically at Guantanamo. It just wasn’t the case at all. Three detainees were abused in total – including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and two other top al Qaeda leaders overseas – and basically, those waterboarding sessions helped prevent another type of 9-11 attack in London, because one of the guys who was waterboarded was Abu Zubaydah, and he was one of the top logistics experts for al Qaeda. He gave up other detainees who were planning an attack on the Canary Wharf in London and to try to fly planes into buildings there. And so we helped stop another type of 9-11 attack because of three guys who got waterboarded.

Gordon totally skewed the truth. Zubaydah was never charged with a crime – was held without a trial or due process for 13 years – and waterboarded more than 80 times at a secret foreign Central Intelligence Agency installation. Torture is illegal under domestic and international law.

Watch below via Media Matters for America:

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