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Newsmax Anchor Greg Kelly Tweets Then Deletes Racist Messages, Says He Was Being Sarcastic

Newsmax Anchor Greg Kelly Tweets Then Deletes Racist Messages, Says He Was Being Sarcastic

Former local New York anchor Greg Kelly is one of the more prominent names working on Newsmax. He’s had some viral moments lately including an incident at McDonalds where he was called a Male Karen and another where he complained about not being invited to company get-togethers.

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But mostly, Kelly pushed white male grievance talking points. He was doing just that on Sunday afternoon when he was called out for his racially tinged tweets. The Newsmax anchor later claimed that he was just being sarcastic.

In one message, Kelly complained about the lack of white representation in commercials. He wrote, “I’m watching a lot of “regular TV”—There are no WHITE MEN in any commercials. Apparently, overnight, we’ve lost our interest in CARS, FINANCE, PERSONAL HYGIENE, FURNITURE, PETS, VACATIONS, SOFT DRINKS, INSURANCE, PHARMACEUTICALS, HOME REPAIR, EXERCISE, AMUSEMENT PARKS, HOTELS.”

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Kelly then claimed that when he was in the military, white troops were very happy that Bill Clinton was president. “So that’s the USS America aircraft carrier that I’m ‘fixin’ to land on. Just knowing that President Clinton, who was in office at the time, was a Caucasian male made it ‘all worthwhile’ – ask any white male officer who served under him. So appreciative of his race we were.”

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Kelly pulled the message down after numerous complaints. Newsmax said in a statement to the Washington Post’s Jeremy Barr, “We at Newsmax never countenance the posting of racist views or views that appeal to racists. We are currently reviewing the matter.”

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