Newly Elected House Republicans Already Eschewing COVID-19 Precautions

The 2020 elections resulted in several House seats being filled by new Republican representatives. They’re currently going through orientation before joining Congress in just under two months. Violations of COVID-19 precautions are already cropping up.

New congressional reps won't follow rules
[Image via Byron Donalds/Twitter]

Marjorie Taylor Greene — who ran essentially unopposed in Georgia’s 14th House District — has already been on Twitter boasting that she’s evangelizing her anti-mask sentiments to her orientation classmates. “I proudly told my freshman class that masks are oppressive!” she declared.

It doesn’t look like she had to fight too hard to convince her fellow GOP Congressional Representatives-Elect though. In a photo shared by Byron Donalds, who will represent Florida District 19, seven classmates, including Greene and Donalds, can all be seen huddling close together, without masks.

Also in the photo are Kat Cammack, for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District, Beth Van Duyne for Texas’ 24th District, Michelle Fischbach for Minnesota’s 7th, George Santos for New York’s 3rd, and Pat Fallon for Texas’ 4th District.

In the background, everyone else in the room appears to be wearing a mask.

The Republican war against COVID-19 protections may have been led boldly and loudly by Donald Trump, who occasionally claimed to support masks and social distancing, though he made a display of avoiding both precautions himself and for the White House, but these new House members seem to be prepared to carry it on with or without him. The new Congressional session begins on January third, so these new members will take office just over two weeks before Trump’s term ends. It remains to be seen how precautions will be enforced in Congress at that time.

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