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Newest Woodward Tape Reveals Trump Canceled Meeting Over “A Sneeze”

Newest Woodward Tape Reveals Trump Canceled Meeting Over “A Sneeze”

Bob Woodward‘s new book about Donald Trump, “Rage”, has been causing controversy since he began releasing excerpts of their 17 taped conversations ahead of its publication. Despite Trump trying to discredit each new bombshell revelation, his own words continue to prove that he was not only fully informed about the deadly effects of the coronavirus, but he intentionally downplayed what he knew in order to keep the Dow afloat.

Woodward released another clip on Wednesday where Trump tells the legendary co-author of “All the President’s Men” that he cancelled a meeting at the White House when someone in the room sneezed. Trump, a legendary germaphobe, told Woodward on April 13th that the coronavirus is “so easily transmissible, you wouldn’t believe it.”

“I was in the White House a couple of days ago, meeting with 10 people in the Oval Office, and a guy sneezed ― innocently, not a horrible, you know just a sneeze. The entire room bailed out, OK? Including me, by the way,” Mr Trump says on the tape.

Trump is trying any tactic to distract from the Woodward Tapes, which so far seems to be working with his devoted fanbase. He was asked during an ABC News town hall in Pennsylvania Tuesday night why he minimized COVID-19 when the virus has proved to be particularly lethal for communities of color.

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“I didn’t downplay it. I actually, in many ways, I up-played it, in terms of action,” Trump said. “My action was very strong.”

Statistics point to the opposite, with the United States death toll poised to pass 200,000 before the end of the day on Wednesday.

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