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Newest Emails Released In January 6th Investigation Show John Eastman & PA Legislator Plotting Fake Elector Scheme

Newest Emails Released In January 6th Investigation Show John Eastman & PA Legislator Plotting Fake Elector Scheme

A series of new emails has been released in the January 6th investigation. This batch is from John Eastman, who has become known as the ‘coup memo lawyer.’ He’s the attorney whose memo laid out options for confirming Donald Trump to a second term as President of the United States, despite his election loss.

[Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images]

These new emails were turned over by University of Colorado-Boulder’s Benson Center, where Eastman was sitting as Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought & Policy. Politico has published a copy of the document spill,

Among other things it includes, by the Committee’s description:

More than a dozen documents containing email communications between Eastman and state Rep. Russ Diamond, R-Pa., in which Eastman offers edits to legislative resolutions, reviews communications, and suggests tactics Pennsylvania lawmakers could take to seat an alternate set of electors


An email in which Rep. Diamond introduces Republican House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff to Eastman with the following: “Kerry, Dr. Eastman is responsible for opening my eyes to our ability to exercise our plenary authority to decertify presidential electors (without ANY ‘evidence’ of retail ‘voter fraud’)

In fact, the emails between Diamond and Eastman include Diamond sending Eastman a draft of a resolution declaring Pennsylvania’s election outcome ‘null and void,’ and Eastman responding and suggesting that the resolution should also include language choosing the alternate slate. He goes on to suggest that Diamond should ” discount each candidates’ totals by a prorated amount” resulting in “a significant Trump lead” to justify the false elector slate.

During this same time period, Diamond — who is now running for Lieutenant Governor — can be seen on Twitter crediting Eastman for showing him how to work around the election loss, as he joins in a plea to other states’ legislators (Wisconsin) to do the same.

[Screenshot via Russ Diamond/Twitter]

He can also be seen admitting that fraud “is not the only thing that would qualify as a good reason” for him to attempt to overturn the election.

He also wrote a blog post comparing the election outcome to cheating on a test, describing the Department of State and election officials as corrupt “row captians” who encouraged other students to cheat — all of which he indicates is a justification for nullifying the election:

Cheaters not only don’t get to win, they get punished and made an example of so that cheating in the future is discouraged. If that doesn’t happen in this, the biggest contest of all, we shall forever risk living in a completely lawless society.

Hopefully he still believes that as he and his party are being demonstrated to be the ones who fought to ‘cheat’ and falsify the election.

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