New York Attorney General Letitia James Responds to Attacks from Trump

When Letitia James became New York's Attorney General in 2019, she vowed to investigate the Trump Organization. And the investigation bore plenty of fruit as Judge Arthur Engoron is now deciding what kind of punishment the former President will face. 

Rather than trying to defend himself from claims of wrongdoing, Trump has focused on attacking the Attorney General and the judge. Today, James was asked for her reaction to the constant attacks from Trump. 

"No matter how powerful you are, no matter how rich you one is above the law," James said. "The law applies to all of us, equally and fairly...I trust that justice will be done."

The New York Attorney General continued, "This case has never been about politics, or personal vendetta, or about name-calling. This case is about the facts and the law and Mr. Trump violated the law."

James closed by directly referencing the vendetta Trump has against her:

"I want everyone to know the personal attacks really don't bother me. The fact is that this trial has shown, and we have produced evidence about the scope, the scale, the depth, the breadth of the illegality, the fraud, that personally enriched Donald Trump and his family."