New York Attorney General Announces Lawsuit To Stop Donald Trump Attacking The USPS

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Tuesday that she had filed a lawsuit to protect the United States Postal Service from the president. She said that Donald Trump’s actions are undermining the Postal Service and U.S. elections, and called it an act of voter suppression.

NY AG sues to stop Donald Trump attacking USPS
[Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images]

Letitia James has been cracking down on Trump as his term comes to a close. She’s opened an investigation into criminal activity allegedly committed by his businesses and employees thereof, and has subpoenaed Eric Trump to testify, as the Daily Beast reports. Now, she’s also stepping up to prevent him from using a USPS slowdown to stop ballots from getting through and scare voters away from participating in the 2020 Presidential Election process.

She announced the lawsuit on Twitter Tuesday.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has already testified before Congress about his role in the changes in the USPS that are slowing down mail and allegedly intended to affect voting. On Monday, he testified that, only weeks before he will oversee the USPS handling mailed ballots for the election, he has no idea how many ballots in the last presidential election were cast by mail.

Donald Trump has been claiming for months that the election will be “rigged” by the use of mailed ballots.

He says that if voters are allowed to cast their ballots by mail, it will mean the end of the Republican party. He’s also admitted to holding up USPS funding so that voting-by-mail would be more difficult, as reported by The Guardian earlier this month.

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