[NEW VIDEO] MeidasTouch Presents ‘#ProsecuteTrump’

*Note from the Editor:
With permission from MeidasTouch, we are proud to bring you their newest video. This is not a news story. It is a video commentary and a powerful statement, directly from their website. We will bring you their videos regularly, as they produce them.-BDG

The new MeidasTouch video ‘Prosecute Trump’ with the hashtag #ProsecuteTrump is a rallying call to hold Trump accountable and restore the rule of law to America.

In her first speech as Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris discussed her prosecutorial bona fides and made clear the case against Donald Trump is “open and shut.” Donald Trump has failed all Americans and is responsible for mass death and economic depression on a scale never before seen. As a former prosecutor, there is no one better to prosecute the case against Donald Trump and his crooked and bizarre cronies of nepotistic and sadistic criminals.

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