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New Video Game — As Trump you Disgustingly Shoot Minorities at Planned Parenthood

New Video Game — As Trump you Disgustingly Shoot Minorities at Planned Parenthood

It has been a long debated question whether or not video games are capable of inciting violence. For most people, video games are a common and welcome escape. It has been argued that others find violent video games to be training for massacres.

There’s a new game available for purchase that is blurring the line between incitement and satire. Jesus Strikes Back Alpha, allows users to gun down characters who identify as LGTBQ, minorities and feminists.

The gunman shooting the “snowflakes” are meant to be heroes of the alt-right movement. Playable characters include Jesus Christ, Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump. The final bosses who need to be killed at the end of each stage include Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders. The locations where the shootings take place include Planned Parenthood, the US/Mexico Border and an LGTBQ nightclub.


One of the most troubling parts of the game is the site’s message board. Users are able to post anonymously and their comments disappear after a specific amount of time. The board includes comments such as, “”free speech is facts and the fact here is all gays should be gassed like the jews LOL.”

Players also make suggestions for new playable characters. Following this weekend’s Christchurch shooting, there were multiple requests to make Brenton Tarrant a playable character.

The makers of the game play coy with their intention. When asked about making Hitler a playable character, they replied, “Hitler is not featured in this game. You may be referring to our fictional character Dolf who you may have assumed is Hitler because he is Austrian and has a moustache, in which case you have offended the entire Austrian moustache community.”

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Those offended by the game are fighting back. There is currently a petition on Change.org requesting that the game be banned. The petition can be found here.



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