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New Trump Statement Suggests Clinton Team Should Be “Put To Death”

New Trump Statement Suggests Clinton Team Should Be “Put To Death”

The MAGA world is all riled up about a filing in the Durham investigation, which Bill Barr set into motion in 2019 while serving as Attorney General to Donald Trump. Led by U.S. Attorney John Durham, it was a counter to the investigation of Trump’s connections to Russia during the 2016 election, attempting to reframe the entire pursuit as ‘persecution’ of Trump.

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The Trump camp is choosing to interpret the newest filing as evidence that Hillary Clinton or operatives working on her behalf were orchestrating a secret surveillance of Donald Trump and his campaign, though EmptyWheel‘s analysis of the filing writes it off as “potential conflict [of interest]” Durham is utilizing “as a way to air his conspiracy theories,” citing the flimsiness of the connections claimed, and noting that Durham is only pushing these claims in a request for review said potential conflict, rather than as part of a conspiracy indictment.

None of that has prevented Trump and his family and allies from citing it as absolute proof of Clinton’s corruption and persecution of the former President, and Trump himself went so far as to suggest that death would be an appropriate punishment.

The statement is predictably packed with Trump’s persecution complex and Clinton-hate, but it’s the closing line, coming from a man whose words have incited his cult-like following to action before, that’s perhaps the most chilling:

“In a stronger period of time in our country, this crime would have been punishable by death.”

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