New Trump Conspiracy Theories: Coronavirus Shutdowns, Stimulus Stalemate Are Democratic Plots

Ripping a page from the QAnon playbook, Donald Trump last week alleged that “economic shutdowns” that were implemented nationwide to halt the spread of the coronavirus are nothing more than a sinister Democratic plot to depress the economy, make him look bad, and would be lifted immediately after the Nov. 3 election.

Trump’s tweet doesn’t specify what exactly is still shut down that’s putting a drag on the economy. Most states, whether run by Democrats or Republicans, have progressed through their respective reopening phases in recent weeks. For the most part, indoor bars and concert and sporting venues are the only types of establishments that remain shuttered according to this nationwide tabulation from the Washington Post. Restaurants, gyms, retail stores, salons, barbershops and other personal-care businesses have at least partially reopened in all 50 states.

The “they’re-all-conspiring-against-me” paranoia also is evident in Trump’s assertion that Democrats don’t want to see a new economic stimulus package passed so that they can further depress the economy. At his appearance before the press Monday afternoon, Trump said congressional Democrats don’t want to make a deal because they think it would help him win re-election. “They think if the country does as badly as possible, even though a lot of people are being hurt, that’s good for the Democrats,” Trump said.

“They don’t want to make a deal,” Trump said. He also claimed he is “taking the high road” by refusing to meet with  Democratic leaders to negotiate. “I don’t have to meet with them in order to be turned down.”

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