New Trump Ad Contains Doctored Images of Joe Biden



The Trump Campaign released a new ad on Wednesday aimed at Democratic nominee Joe Biden calling him “Alone. Hiding. Diminished.” One image showing Biden in a church was altered for the video, as were others, according to several sharp-eyed critics.

“The new Trump ad accidentally shows just how few photos/how little b-roll Biden has produced since March,” tweeted Dave Weigel of the Washington Post. “An image meant to make him look defeated/old is of him praying in church!”

Screencaps from the video show images of Biden out of context to insinuate he has difficulties remaining awake or suffers from an undiagnosed cognitive decline. The Trump Campaign used similar tactics in 2016 against Hillary Clinton, suggesting her health was deteriorating and that she “lacked stamina” because she was “low energy”. CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski also caught another edited moment in the new campaign ad where it appears Team Trump removed a microphone Biden was holding, suggesting he’s unwell.

Philip Wegman of Real Clear News added his own detective work, tweeting “The clip at the four second mark is edited to make it look like he is sitting on the floor of his basement alone. But it’s from an Iowa event last December. The room was full.” He then shared a photo proving the scene was yet another doctored moment.

CNN’s Sarah Mucha one-upped Wegmann with actual video, including a dog.

This kind of gaslighting isn’t a new tactic for Team Trump, who essentially did the same exact thing a few weeks ago, as well as a few months ago. The ad also comes suspiciously close on the heels of the controversy surrounding Trump’s bragging over his own cognitive abilities after discussing the test in an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News.

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