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New Text Messages Suggest That Brett Kavanaugh Perjured Himself

New Text Messages Suggest That Brett Kavanaugh Perjured Himself

What started out as a debate over whether or not sexual assault allegations against Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh were credible, may instead lead to Kavanaugh’s nomination being withdrawn or voted down due to perjury.

While many Democrats have already been arguing that Kavanaugh has committed perjury by lying under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee, we may soon see the strongest evidence of this yet, if the FBI decides to interview a couple of Kavanaugh’s former classmates.

On Monday, NBC News reported that they had obtained text messages from Kavanaugh’s friend Kerry Berchem.  Berchem is a former classmate of both Kavanaugh and one of his accusers, Deborah Ramirez.  She turned text messages over to NBC News which show conversations between herself and another friend of Kavanaugh, Karen Yarasavage.

These text messages between Yarasavage and Berchem suggest that Kavanaugh was reaching out to his former classmates about allegations against him of sexual misconduct toward Deborah Ramirez, prior to the allegations going public.

Just days after these text messages took place, the Ramirez allegations were published in the New Yorker.

Recently Senator Orrin Hatch asked Brett Kavanaugh, while he was under oath, when he first heard about these Ramirez allegations:

Hatch: When was the first time that the ranking member or her staff asked you about these allegation?

Kavanaugh: Today.

Hatch: When did you first hear of Ms. Ramirez’s allegations against you?

Kavanaugh: In the last — in the period since then, the New Yorker story.

It’s apparent that Kavanaugh denied that he previously knew of the allegations prior to the New Yorker story being published.  If in fact he was trying to discuss these allegations with this friends, like the text messages reportedly suggest, that would seem to be pretty condemning evidence that he perjured himself while speaking to a U.S. Senator.

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Last Tuesday, September 25, Kavanaugh also testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee and gave a similar answer:

Senate Judiciary Interviewer (Redacted name): “My last question on this subject is since you graduated from college, but before [The] New Yorker article publication on September 23rd, have you ever discussed or heard discussion about the incident matching the description given by Ms. Ramirez to [The] New Yorker?”

Kavanaugh: No

Later, however, Kavanaugh seemed to contradict himself slightly by saying that he had become aware that Deborah Ramirez was “calling around to classmates trying to see if they remembered it [her story]”

As of last night, the FBI had not yet contacted Kerry Berchem for more details of her text messages, although Berchem says that she did try and reach out to the FBI.

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