New Racist Robocall Targets Stacey Abrams And Oprah Winfrey

Stacey Abrams is the latest target of a racist robocall funded by The Road To Power. Abrams is a Democrat running for governor in Georgia. The Road To Power is a white supremacist and anti-Semitic video podcast site hosted by Idaho citizen Scott Rhodes. The neo-Nazi group also targeted Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum in September.

Stacey Abrams Targeted Robocall
Photo Credit Stacey Abrams

The voice on the robocall pretends to be Oprah Winfrey, who stumped for Abrams in Georgia earlier this week. The call begins, “This is the magical negro, Oprah Winfrey, asking you to make my fellow negress, Stacey¬†Abrams, the governor of Georgia.”

It goes on to say, “Years ago, the Jews who own the American Media saw something in me – the ability to trick dumb white women into thinking I was like them. I see that same potential in Stacey Abrams.” It goes on to compare the gubernatorial candidate to a “poor man’s Aunt Jemimah” who “white women can be tricked into voting for, especially the fat ones.”

For his part, Abrams’ opponent, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, denounced the call. He said in an email to The Hill that it is “vile,” “racist” and “absolutely disgusting.” He added, “I stand against any person or organization that peddles this type of unbridled hate and unapologetic bigotry.”

Abigail Collazo, Abrams’ director of strategic communication, released a statement about the robocall on Saturday morning. She attributed the racist attack to Kemp and President Donald Trump’s rhetoric. Collazo stated that the two men have contributed to a political atmosphere that allows hate. She also stated:

“Over the last few weeks we’ve seen increasing desperation from many dark corners trying to steal the election, cheat, lie, and prey on people’s fears rather than having the respect to listen to voters and speak to their hopes.”

It’s not clear how many Georgia residents heard the racist robocall.

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