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New Presidential Poll Spells Good News For Biden

New Presidential Poll Spells Good News For Biden

With each and every day feeling more and more like a dystopian Sci-fi horror on account of the deadly coronavirus crippling the country, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that there’s a presidential election going on.

Our hoax of a president, on the other hand, is most certainly aware of it as he perpetually uses otherwise serious daily press briefings as covert rallies.

But even as President Trump somehow has gained some ground amid the coronavirus crisis, a new national poll shows that former Vice President Joe Biden leads Trump by 10 points nationally in a new poll, assisted by a growing lead with independents. The poll primarily details Americans growing pessimism on an economy, which is on the brink of a full-blown recession.

According to the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll, Biden received 55 percent support, versus 45 percent for Trump. Biden has 96 percent support from Democrats, while Trump has 89 percent support from Republicans.

Independents, a key to defeating Trump, break for Biden by a 54 to 46 percent. Senator Sanders, who has yet to vacate the race, also beats Trump with a lead of 53percent to 47 percent.

Any bounce that Trump has received has mostly been due to people being utterly terrified of coronavirus and a defaulting to the current commander in chief. In other words, experts seem to think that most Americans are taking a “wait and see” approach.

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“While attitudes toward the economy are tanking, politics seem almost frozen in time,” said Harvard CAPS-Harris polling director Mark Penn. “Trump is gaining in approval but people are taking a very wait and see attitude with handling the virus the determining factor. The presidential horse race remains unchanged but not sure it is very meaningful at this point — it’s the Democratic primary that is now locked with Biden as the candidate but the overall race remains in flux.”

The economy, or rather a strong stock market, was Trump’s only ace in the hole. The $2 trillion stimulus package will surely allay some investors’ fears, but nothing can change the fact that major industries will continue to lose billions of dollars as we all remain on lockdown. That ultmitely falls on the ape-like shoulders of Trump, whether he accepts it or not.

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