New Poll Shows How Ridiculous America Thinks Trump’s Wall is

If you listen to President Trump speak, you would assume that a vast majority of Americans believe that a wall is the solution to our immigration issues.  However, a new poll from Morning Consult and POLITICO tells a completely different story.

The poll, which was conducted between January 18-22, surveyed 1,996 registered voters, and it asked them a long range of questions concerning our current political situation.

One question that was posed, asked the participants if they would support or oppose, “dedicate(ing) funds for a border wall along the United States – Mexico border”, if it were “the only way to end the government shutdown.”

Surprisingly only 3% strongly supported the idea, while 4% somewhat supported it, and the other 93% either opposed it (72%) or had no opinion on the matter (21%).  Meanwhile 34% supported ending the shutdown in exchange for some form of border security that does not include a wall.

The poll also asked the general question of if participants support or oppose the construction of the wall.  43% said that they either strongly or somewhat support the wall, while 49% said that they did not.

During the midterms, Democrats generally campaigned on the idea of “no wall,” while Republicans campaigned on building the wall.  Democrats won the House by a large margin based on these ideas.  The majority of the American public does not want a wall, and that’s why Democrats are very unlikely to budge on the issue.  They know that if they give in, it will likely cost them points among voters.

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