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New Poll Shows More Republicans Siding With Pence Over Trump On Election Overturn Debate

New Poll Shows More Republicans Siding With Pence Over Trump On Election Overturn Debate

Donald Trump and Mike Pence have gone back and forth in public statements over whether the Vice President has the power to reject the electoral vote that a state sends to Congress, as one step in a process to overturn the election outcome. Now voters in a new poll say that the former president is the one who has it all wrong.

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Before the January 6th attack on Congress, Donald Trump insisted that as Vice President, Mike Pence had the power to change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Pence maintained that this was not within his powers — for which protestors chanted “hang Mike Pence” as they broke into the Capitol building.

Pence has publicly responded to these attacks, leading to further attacks by the former president.

Now a new poll shows that most Republicans seem to believe Pence has it right.

Among Republican voters, that’s 36% saying that Trump is right about the Vice President being able to reject electoral votes, and 52% saying that Pence is right, that he could have done no such thing.

With an ongoing public debate about just how much control and influence Trump still has over the divided party, that support stands out.

The full poll results (PDF) show that a majority of Republicans still believe that their GOP representatives are doing a good job in Congress, and they still hope their party will take control of both the House and Senate in midterm elections — a move that has been touted as the best means to put an end to the January 6th Committee’s investigation.

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