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New Poll Shows Biden Opening Up 9% Lead Over Trump in Pennsylvania

New Poll Shows Biden Opening Up 9% Lead Over Trump in Pennsylvania

There are a number of different electoral college pathways Joe Biden could take to defeat Donald Trump. He will need to flip a combination of states that Donald Trump carried in 2016. The Democrats may hope to turn Florida which has long been the ultimate swing state. They can also hope to seek out states that are rapidly turning blue like Georgia or North Carolina.

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But the easiest way to victory for Biden could be winning the mid-western states where Democrats have traditionally been strong. Donald Trump won Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in 2016 by the narrowest of margins. But recent polls have shown Biden leading handily in Michigan and Wisconsin. And today, NBC News/Marist College released a survey that showed the Democratic challenger leading in Pennsylvania by 9%.

This poll was conducted following both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. So if there is any kind of convention bounce for either candidate, it would be shown within.

This is also one of the first polls that may have captured the fallout from Trump allegedly calling military veterans losers and suckers. The Atlantic story came out on September 3rd and this survey was conducted between September 3rd and September 8th.

The Marist study shows Biden winning 53% of Pennsylvania voters with Trump only garnering 44% support.

Like many other polls taken during this election season, Biden is crushing Trump among suburban voters. He leads them by a margin of 19%. The Democrat is also leading among women by a margin of 21%.

You can see the complete poll results here

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