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New Patriots Kicker Tries to Explain Right Wing Extemist Group Tattoo

New Patriots Kicker Tries to Explain Right Wing Extemist Group Tattoo

This week’s NFL Draft was done quite a bit differently than usual. The selections were made virtually with both the General Managers and the new players spending the time at home with their families.

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While most players spent the moments after they were drafted celebrating with their families, one of the new picks was immediately mired in controversy. An eagle-eyed reporter spotted a “3 Percenter” tattoo on New England Patriots’ kicker Justin Rohrwasser’s forearm. The kicker claimed that the mark was made when he was a teenager and that it does not represent who he is.

The discovery was made by twitter user Justis Mosqueda. Mosqueda shared a picture of the tattoo along with a description of the Three Percenter Militia Group.

The group is described as extremist by the Anti-Defamation League. Members of the organization were present during Charlottesville’s Unite the Right rally.

Rohrwasser was asked about the ink by reporters. He told them, “I got that tattoo when I was a teenager and I have a lot of family in the military. I thought it stood for a military-support symbol at the time. Obviously, it’s evolved into something that I do not want to represent. When I look back on it, I should have done way more research before I put any mark or symbol like that on my body, and it’s not something I ever want to represent. It will be covered.”

While the kicker’s tweets are now protected, other users shared images of tweets in support of right wing figures like Candace Owens and messages about COVID-19.

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