New Lincoln Project Ad Aimed At Donald Trump Aims To Incite Paranoia, Distrust

Donald Trump has previously expressed strong feelings on people who ‘leak’ or tell the public about him. Now, an ad is directed at making him worry about exactly who he can trust. The anti-Trump conservative Lincoln Project’s latest short video is targeted at the president’s concern about loyalty and keeping his secrets private.

Donald Trump targeted ad
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

In the short video, Trump is warned that everyone in his campaign is whispering about him, leaking information to the media, twisting things to make him look bad, and really just using him for one more payday before the loss they see as inevitable. The organization has previously said that their ads aren’t necessarily intended to directly sway votes, so much as to distract Trump and throw him off his game.

The PAC has even specifically targeted ads to be seen by the president by placing them on Fox News during opinion programming they know he likes to watch and quote. This one, designed to target Trump’s high level of anxiety about loyalty and leaking, is clearly intended to be seen by the president.

Trump typically expresses outrage when he’s aware anyone inside his administration or campaign has been talking about him — even if they do their talking after he fires them. A recent example is how Trump responded to John Bolton writing a book about his time in the White House. Aside from raging on Twitter, Trump attempted to use the court system to prevent publication.

When someone inside the White House published an anonymous op-ed on the dangers of the Trump presidency, USA Today reported that Trump responded with a long rant, calling the writer “gutless,” attacking the media for reporting it, and saying it’s a “disgrace” that he has to deal with such things.

Overall, Trump has reacted very strongly to information leaking from his campaign, and he’s known for demanding loyalty. An ad that tells him no one is loyal to him and that everyone is talking about him and leaking information behind his back is very clearly tailored to get under the president’s skin.

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