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New Lawsuit Demands That Kellyanne Conway Be Removed From White House

New Lawsuit Demands That Kellyanne Conway Be Removed From White House

Kellyanne Conway: the Trump administration isn't racist. By the way, Chicago.

Kellyanne Conway began the 2016 nomination process running a political action committee that supported Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Once Cruz bowed out of the race, the political strategist moved over to the Trump campaign, becoming his campaign manager. She has been with the President ever since, acting as one of his longest serving advocates.

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Conway has often become known for her behavior during interviews in print and on cable television. A nonprofit and nonpartisan group is now demanding that Conway be fined and removed by the Office of Special Council.

CREW, or Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington says that Conway has violated the Hatch Act over 60 times.

The group notes in the lawsuit, “Since her appointment, she has openly violated the Hatch Act no fewer than 60 times (and counting). She has done so by using her official White House position to influence a 2017 special election, the 2018 midterm elections, and the 2020 presidential election through press appearances and social media.”

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The lawsuit also states that Conway has been protected form ethics rules due to her position in the administration. “Never has OSC had to issue multiple reports to the President concerning Hatch Act violations by the same individual,” the suit continues. “[if Conway] were any other federal employee, her multiple violations of the law would almost certainly result in removal from her federal position by the Merit Systems Protection Board.”

The full lawsuit concerning Kellyanne Conway can be read on CREW’s website here.

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