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New Lawsuit Claims President Trump is Breaking the Law via ‘Premeditated destruction of the Affordable Care Act’

New Lawsuit Claims President Trump is Breaking the Law via ‘Premeditated destruction of the Affordable Care Act’

Love it or hate it, the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, is law.  Because it is law, the President of the United States, being that he is expected to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed’, must not take actions which circumvent, curtail or break this law.  Article II of the Constitution of the United States makes this matter very clear.

Since taking office in January of 2017, President Trump has let it be known that his plan is to undo the Affordable Care Act.  There is nothing wrong with a President wanting to change a law or enact his own laws in place of a previous law, but when a President takes steps to undermine a current law, that’s when the Constitution begins to be threatened.

Today a new lawsuit is being filed by the cities of Baltimore, Cincinnati, Chicago and Columbus, arguing that President Trump’s actions against the Affordable Care Act violate the U.S. Constitution.

According to NBC News, this lawsuit states that the president has “waged a relentless effort to use executive action alone to undermine and, ultimately, eliminate the law.”

One of the major issues is that President Trump has begun to allow individuals and companies to purchase health insurance coverage from markets not included within the Affordable Care Act.  This is important because when a president breaks a law, it still matters.  No one is above the rule of law, including the U.S. President.

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“There’s a clear case of premeditated destruction of the Affordable Care Act,” Zach Klein, a Columbus City Attorney told NBC News.

The lawsuit will use quotes from President Trump, as well as tweets he has made, in order to show his intent in undermining the law, and it will try to convince a court to force the president into expanding ObamaCare enrollment, rather than trying to sabotage it.

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