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New Hampshire Republican Faces Bipartisan Backlash for Spreading Insane Vaccine Conspiracy Theories

New Hampshire Republican Faces Bipartisan Backlash for Spreading Insane Vaccine Conspiracy Theories

New Hampshire State Representative Ken Weyler, a Republican who represents the Rockingham 13 district, is facing calls from members of both parties for his removal from leadership positions after having sent a mailer to his colleagues containing conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccines that strain objective sanity.

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Weyler circulated The Vaccine Death Report earlier this week, and it makes some absolutely crazy allegations about coronavirus inoculations, including that nationwide vaccination efforts are an attempt at genocide.

“The purpose of this report is to document how all over the world millions of people have died, and hundreds of millions of serious adverse events have occurred, after injections with the experimental mRNA gene therapy. We also reveal the real risk of an unprecedented genocide,” it states.

The report claims that the shots are polluted with a “creature with tentacles” that “moves around, lifts itself up, and even seems to be self-aware,” as well as “dangerous toxins” that cause “dramatic blood changes” and lead to “permanently altered DNA.”

The document also declares that babies born to vaccine recipients in Mexico were afflicted with “pitch-black eyes” and that it “appears that these babies are aging too fast, as they can stand and even walk at only three months old.”

Lawmakers across the aisle, including the state’s GOP Governor Chris Sununu, have demanded that Welyer be removed from his leadership roles.

“I have repeatedly expressed directly to Speaker [Sherman] Packard [R-Londonderry] about the need to remove Representative Weyler from this position of leadership, and these latest absurd emails have accelerated the urgency that the Speaker needs to take action. Disseminating this misinformation clearly shows a detachment from reality and lack of judgment,” Sununu said in a statement on Monday.

House Democrats said that the “continued dissemination of disinformation on COVID from Rep. Weyler is a danger to public health in New Hampshire and to the credibility of the legislature as a whole.”

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State House Minority Leader Renny Cushing (D-Hampton) added in a letter to Packard that the report was “disturbing to read from any elected official, let alone the Chair of committees to which critical funding for pandemic response is directed.”

Packard, however, stood by Weyler, saying in a statement that “it is not uncommon, whether one agrees or disagrees with the content, for a committee chair to share constituent information with committee members.”

Weyler, meanwhile, defended his actions, saying in a statement to InDepthNH.org – where the dubious report first emerged – that “there’s exaggeration on both sides” and that he was merely “speaking my mind as a state rep. and skeptical person.”

The story continues via People Magazine and The Daily Beast.

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