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New Hampshire Lawmaker Ditches GOP Over Its Anti-Vaccine Crusade

New Hampshire Lawmaker Ditches GOP Over Its Anti-Vaccine Crusade

A Republican lawmaker in New Hampshire has defected from the Republican Party due to its publicly overt and reckless aversion to COVID-19 vaccine mandates. State Legislator Bill Marsh, who represents the Live Free or Die State’s 8th District, explained that the extremist factions within the GOP forced him to join the Democratic Party.


“I cannot stand idly by while extremists reject the reasonable precautions of vaccinations and masks. And so I have reluctantly changed my party affiliation. I urge others to consider what is happening and come to their own conclusions,” Marsh said in a statement to NBC 10 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Marsh was particularly incensed over the GOP’s opposition to President Joe Biden’s vaccine and testing mandate for businesses with more than 100 employees.

“They’re calling for a special session to basically do the same thing [Florida Governor Ron] DeSantis is doing in Florida,” the lawmaker said.

“The faction that’s currently dominant in the Republican Party in the House in New Hampshire opposes vaccines and masks and mandates of any kind, and are of the opinion that public health measures are unconstitutional,” Marsh – a former physician – continued. “I believe Supreme Court case law shows that not to be the case.”

Indeed, the Supreme Court ruled in 7-2 during a smallpox outbreak in 1905 that vaccine mandates do not violate the United States Constitution. The majority stated in their opinion at the time that personal liberty does not supersede the common good.

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Marsh, who is 63 years old and is looking forward to retirement, said that biting his tongue regarding his former party’s anti-science agenda and related propaganda is no longer a viable option.

“My intention had been to quietly finish my term and enjoy my retirement in peace. Unfortunately, events have forced my hand,” Marsh said.

The story continues via NBC 10 Boston.

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