New Group of 100 Republicans, Including Former Governors and Congressman Endorse Joe Biden

This year’s Democratic National Convention featured a number of prominent Republicans who were backing Joe Biden. The GOPer’s, John Kasich and Susan Molinari among them, said they they wouldn’t be the last Conservatives who were willing to stand up against Donald Trump.

Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for Eisenhower Fellowships

Another Republican speaker at the DNC, Christine Whitman, is furthering her effort to oust the President from office. Whitman has formed a group, made up of 100 Republicans, who are endorsing Joe Biden for President.

The group, called Republicans and Independents for Biden, is made up of former lawmakers and officials. Among them are former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, former Pennsylvania Congressman Charlie Dent and former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

In a statement, the group said, “More than 180,000 Americans are dead from a pandemic that, with consistent leadership, could have been contained. Instead, it has been left to spin out of control by a President who ignored it, refused to lead, and endangered American lives.In this moment of great national crisis, we need to elect a leader matched to the moment, someone who can restore competence to the oval office and unify the country. Joe Biden is that leader.”

Republicans and Independents for Trump continued, “Joe Biden is a man of deep faith and commitment to family, decency and integrity, which will serve us all well when he is in the White House. We must elect Joe Biden in November so that we can begin the arduous but essential process of healing America and putting society back on a positive path where civility and working together help us achieve great things as a nation once again.”

You can read the full statement here

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