New Footage: Willie McCoy Asleep Before Police Opened Fire

Up and coming rapper, Willie McCoy, was shot to death by 6 policemen in Vallejo, California this February. The officers, who shot McCoy 25 times, alleged that McCoy had given them reason to fear for their safety.

McCoy’s family has maintained that police body-cam footage does not back up the officers’ claims. That video has now been released and appears to show the rapper sleeping in his car shortly before he is slain.

McCoy, as officers had claimed, did have a firearm sitting in his lap as he slept. The gun, however, did not have a magazine, meaning that that he had, at most, one bullet that could be fired. One of the officers remarked, ““He’s only got one shot if he shoots.”

The video picks up a variety of other comments from the assembled policemen. While they did not make an attempt to wake McCoy, one cops says, “I’m going to pull him out and snatch his ass.”

The officers also seem ready for a firefight once the rapper wakes. He tells a colleague, “If he reaches for it, you know what to do.”

While McCoy did wake, the video only shows him doing so to scratch his shoulder. It appears that once he begins scratching, his car is fired upon and the rapper is killed immediately.

Vallejo police tell a different story, They say that while officers told McCoy to, ““keep his hands visible”, he instead, “quickly moved his hands downward for the firearm.” Now viewers have the actual body-cam footage to decide for themselves.

The video can be seen here:

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