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New Docu Reveals Ghislaine Maxwell Shared ‘Little Black Book’ With Epstein In the 80s

New Docu Reveals Ghislaine Maxwell Shared ‘Little Black Book’ With Epstein In the 80s

Ghislaine Maxwell’s association with Jeffrey Epstein began years earlier than previously understood, according to a new documentary investigating the well-connected British socialite who became an alleged madam for the pedophile financier and sex trafficker. The new information challenges the common assumption that Epstein took advantage of her during a lonely time in her life after the death of her father, the newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell, who was found dead in the sea near the Canary Islands in 1991.

Researchers working on the documentary have spoken to more than 200 sources over several years to build up a clearer picture of the society fixer. And it has emerged that Ghislaine’s famous and rich friends, including Prince Andrew, were being used to build Epstein’s influential network from as early as the mid-1980s. Long before Robert Maxwell’s death, Epstein was busily building his own high-profile contacts, names he added to his notorious “little black book” from Ghislaine’s own friends and acquaintances.

Ghislaine Maxwell is now in jail in New York, facing charges as a co-conspirator in the sexual trafficking of young women and underage girls. Her alleged crimes are said to have been committed with Epstein, her long-term partner who was found dead in his prison cell in 2019 awaiting his own trial. Maxwell’s trial is likely to take place in the autumn.

The three-part documentary focuses on Maxwell’s life and career as the youngest child of a corrupt media mogul. It tracks the heiress from her time at Oxford University to the center of a high-profile social network in New York and Palm Beach, Florida, where Epstein was visited by a constant stream of young women and high-profile rich men.

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Her former staff alleges that Maxwell would go out in a limousine in the evenings, looking for what she described as “nubiles” to bring back to Epstein’s Manhattan mansion, ostensibly to audition for modeling work. It also covers Maxwell’s later attempts to distance herself from Epstein when she set up an environmental marine charity and began a discreet new relationship with a tech entrepreneur.

The new documentary about Ghislaine Maxwell is now streaming on Peacock.

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