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New Details on William Barr’s Upcoming Press Conference Emerge – Watch it Live

New Details on William Barr’s Upcoming Press Conference Emerge – Watch it Live

At 9:30am ET, Attorney General William Barr will hold a press conference to address the release of the Mueller Report, which is supposed to be sent to Congress between 11:00am and Noon ET today.

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Up until this point, it has been rather unknown as to what this upcoming press conference will discuss, with many Democrats attacking the idea and saying that it will only give Barr an opportunity to set his own narrative.  As to whether or not this will actually be the case, is anyone’s guess right now, but there are three main points which Barr plans to focus on, according to CNN’s Justice Correspondent, Jessica Schneider.

Those three points include:

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  1. Executive privilege: Barr is expected to talk about any executive privilege that the White House has exerted over any of the report, if any.
  2. Interactions between the DOJ and the White House: Barr will talk about any interactions that the Justice Department has had with the White House or any attorneys for the White House over the past several weeks and days.  On Wednesday, the New York Times reported that over the past few days, White House attorneys have been briefed on the special counsel’s findings.  Barr is expected to explain in more detail what took place.
  3. The redaction process: Barr has already said that the redactions within the report will be color coded and labeled.  Barr will further explain this process in his press conference.  The four categories of redactions are 1) grand jury material, 2) classified information, 3) information pertaining to ongoing investigations, and 4) details derogatory to third parties.

The entire press conference can be viewed at 9:30am ET via the livestream from The Washington Post below:

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