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New Book Reveals That President Trump Got Lost on Air Force One

New Book Reveals That President Trump Got Lost on Air Force One

The majority of you reading this article, likely have flown on a commercial airliner, like the Boeing 747. As you know, boarding and navigating such an aircraft is pretty straightforward. You simply follow the narrow path between the seats to get to and from your own seat.

The majority of you have also likely seen images or videos of Air Force One, the President’s plane. This aircraft is actually a 747-400 that’s been reconfigured. While the interior is certainly different from that of a commercial airliner, the narrow one-directional flow of the plane is no different. That’s why a new book claiming that President Trump actually got lost on the plane is even more shocking. But according to a new memoir by former White House stenographer Beck Dorey-Stein, this is exactly what happened. Dorey-Stein goes into detail in this passage from her book, “From the Corner of the Oval”:

Image Source: http://www.af.mil/News/Photos/igphoto/2000484173/

“After takeoff, Trump gets lost while giving Melania a tour of the plane. I don’t know how he gets lost, but he does. Air Force One is a beautiful bird, but it’s no different from any other commercial 747 in that there’s one narrow hallway that takes you from the front to the back.”

Dorey-Stein goes on to explain that the President ended up a seat in front of her, confused as to how to return to where he came from. “When I take a step back, Trump takes a step forward, into my personal space.”

Trump then said, “’Hello,’ with a smile he must consider charming pasted on his face” explained Dorey-Stein.

The author then explains how he remained right up in her face until an aide directed him back to the aisle. All the while, Melania was standing right behind her staring at the floor of the aircraft.

Along with the Air Force One story, Dorey-Stein also revealed a few other interesting passages from her book, to People Magazine.  They are as follows:

“I watch the Napoleonic clowns swagger through the West Wing in bad suits. I watch the female contortionists, who believe bending over in a miniskirt and stilettos is a good idea but a woman’s right to choose isn’t.”

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“I watch Stephen Miller smirk like a demonic Pee-wee Herman as he cracks jokes about gender equality in a van full of women who are active-duty members of the military. I watch all of it. I force myself to look up so I can write it all down.”

“I notice that the table behind the Resolute Desk, once crowded with Obama family photographs, is now empty except for one framed picture of Trump’s father. There isn’t a single photo of [Trump’s 11-year-old son] Barron, or Melania, or even [daughter] Ivanka. If only Fred had told his son he loved him, that he was proud of him — maybe none of this would have happened.”

The book is available now and can be purchased on Amazon for $19.04.

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