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New ‘Batman’ Comic Shows The Joker Trying To Help Re-elect Donald Trump-like Character

New ‘Batman’ Comic Shows The Joker Trying To Help Re-elect Donald Trump-like Character

The president of the United States has a new and controversial supporter — at least, a fictional one, according to a new Batman graphic novel.

Events depicted in Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child” show a Donald Trump-like figure running for office. The character isn’t actually named, but many similarities between him and Trump exist — including mention of him being a businessman, as well as past work as a TV host, People reported.

Photo of drawing of The Joker by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images; photo of Pres. Trump by Mark Makela/Getty Images

Oh yeah — the images of the candidate on the pages of the comic book are strikingly similar to Trump, to the point where it’d be difficult for anyone to make a serious case that he wasn’t who the artists were trying to portray.

The Joker is campaigning to help get the candidate re-elected to facilitate a different DC comics villain’s plans. Darkseid, considered one of the most powerful villains in that brand’s universe.

The reason why Darkseid is pushing for the candidate to win again? A re-election of a hateful candidate will help to eradicate “humanity’s faith in itself,” the character says. And he recruits The Joker in order to act as an “agent of chaos.

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Within the pages of the book, a number of noticeably imagery from our world is shown — including the Clown Prince of Crime wearing an American-flag jacket with the words “I Really Don’t Care, Do You?” written on the back.

The words are a reference to a jacket worn by first lady Melania Trump, who donned the piece of designerwear on her way to visit migrant children who were being held and separated from their parents in detention centers.

The images of Trump aren’t the only political statements made in the series: it also appears that one of the individuals standing against the candidate is none other than Greta Thunberg, the climate change activist who won TIME’s “Person of the Year” honor for 2019.

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