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Nevada Student Posts Racist Rant To Snapchat: ‘N*ggers Burn In Hell’

Nevada Student Posts Racist Rant To Snapchat: ‘N*ggers Burn In Hell’

Nevada’s Palo Verde high school is currently doing damage control after one of its students posted a stunningly racist rant to the social media site Snapchat. The student also ranted about civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. The unnamed student ranted:

“F*cking n*ggers can burn in hell! F*ck Rosa Parks, I’ll slap that b*tch as well! N*ggers need to learn, n*ggers need to burn!”

Darren Sweikert is the Palo Verde High School principal. He made sure to address the issue with parents, and said in a statement to them:

“Behavior like this will not be tolerated at our school nor anywhere in the Clark County School District. While no direct threat has been made to our school or specific students, this kind of dialogue is unacceptable.”

Along with this particular incident, Palo Verde has also had another incidence of hatred. A rabbi whose child attends the school reports his daughter came home one day with a note containing the image of a swastika and the words, “you don’t belong here.”

Incidences of hatred have been on the upswing lately, and unfortunately the virus of bigotry seems to be infecting America’s youth as well. Sadly, America’s gun climates has necessitated that schools now have active shooter drills.

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Children are not born hating, but they can certainly learn it quickly. Hopefully, the inevitable embarrassment of having such a video go viral will help this young man see the error of his ways.

Watch the video below:

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