Nevada Governor Teases Re-Open Announcement After Trump Asks About Hotels, Casinos

Donald Trump is pushing to reopen businesses across America, and governors are responding. While many states will remain under stay-at-home orders, social distancing recommendations, and temporary shut-downs, governing bodies of other states are prepared to comply with Trump and focus on the economy, even as experts warn that a second wave of COVID-19 could be even more devastating. Now, Nevada’s Governor Steve Sisolak has promised a week of announcements about the state’s moves to reopen, after confirming that the president has asked about opening casinos. It’s no secret that Trump has a hotel in Las Vegas that he co-owns with billionaire Phil Ruffin. Not so coincidentally, Ruffin, worth a reported 3.1 billion, also owns the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Tuesday evening that the governor’s office had confirmed Trump had asked Sisolak about opening casinos, but so far no specific timeline has been announced, although rumors abound and individual businesses may have hopeful plans, even tentative reopen dates.

Governor Sisolak announced that the week would be full of announcements about the state’s Roadmap to Recovery, with the big announcement coming on Thursday.

Only a week ago, Sisolak told CNN‘s Anderson Cooper that Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman was wrong to push for reopening so soon, saying he would not “allow the citizens of Nevada to be used as a “control group,” and he credited orders for social distancing with keeping the transmission numbers and death tolls in his state as low as they are.

Governor Sisolak’s clash with Mayor Goodman over this matter has been public and vocal, with Goodman expressing that the hot summers in Vegas would allow them to reopen sooner, while the economy’s dependence on casinos and hotels would absolutely compel it.

Of course, among the business interests of the current U.S. President is the aforementioned Trump International Hotel Las Vegas — which, like so many other businesses in the state, and across the nation, and internationally, is currently closed to business.

Governor Sisolak has already begun releasing announcements for the state’s Roadmap to Recovery, including the resumption of medical procedures that had been halted to allow hospitals to handle any influx of COVID-19 patients, and to preserve protective equipment for that use.

He’s promised further information in a Good Morning America segment Wednesday afternoon, and the aforementioned Thursday release of a more specific plan for the future.

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