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Nevada Candidates Apparently Team Up to Create Fraudulent Website to Falsify Endorsements

Nevada Candidates Apparently Team Up to Create Fraudulent Website to Falsify Endorsements

Katie Williams has been trouble for the Clark County, Nevada school board in more ways than one. A problematic candidate from the outset due to her loyalty to Donald Trump and her belief in QAnon conspiracy theories, Williams has lied about her military service and her association with the Ms. Nevada pageant, as well as sharing racially inflammatory tweets.

Now Williams is possibly committing election fraud by teaming up with another Republican candidate running for State Assembly, Mack Miller, who has created a fraudulent Democratic website and fabricating endorsements from Democrats, going as far as to stage a photo op to show she’s “not racist” despite her Twitter track record. After checking multiple public databases, HR was unable to obtain contact information; however, if you click the “get involved” button on the fake website you will receive an auto-response from Republican Mack Miller.

Williams’ Twitter account is filled with so many racial and divisive posts, that posting them all here would take up more space than she’s worth. Yet she always has some sort of defense at the ready. But this time, her affiliation and collaboration with Mack appear to be entirely too obvious.

Williams, whose Twitter profile photo shows her shooting a crossbow, has also publicly mocked other Twitter users, including someone recovering from complicated spinal surgery.

She has been an avid COVID denier and posted this on Twitter on October 5:

Her stance on masks?

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Both Miller and Williams have claimed to be endorsed by the “Democratic Chamber of Commerce“. While the website seems legitimate upon first glance (offering endorsements to real Democrats), no such organization exists. The website is registered to Miller, whose own military history is clouded by his desertion. Miller was denied his appeal of a Dishonorable discharge, having been found guilty of desertion. The adjudged sentence was “18 months of confinement, reduction to the grade of E- 1, and a bad-conduct discharge.”

According to an article published by the nevadacurrent.com, the website Democratic Chamber of Commerce.com appears to have been set up for the sole purpose of endorsing a handful of Republican and independent candidates:

“A Democratic Chamber of Commerce does not appear to exist Beyond this to page website, which was first registered in March. Democratic groups in Nevada say they have never heard of any such organization. It has zero social media presence, and there are no mentions of it online Beyond discussing whether or not the organization actually exists.

“Some voters within the district, which leans heavily Democratic, have also reported receiving text messages promoting the site’s endorsement of Mack Miller. One read: “Finally! A candidate we ALL support. Mack Miller for Assembly, endorsed by the Republicans and Democrats.” The text included a link to the fake Democratic Chamber of Commerce’s website. Another text message read: “Wow! Debates over, I’m Mack Miller your AD5 Advocate and now endorsed by Democrats also. TOGETHER we win!”

With less than a month to go before the November 3rd election, it’s too late to have either Williams or Miller removed from the ballot, and as of Wednesday, no fraud charges had been brought against either of them. Williams does not seem to have any involvement in the website itself, but her new alliance with Miller is an indicator that she’s not just using him for the optics, but she’s also well aware of his fake website and the falsified endorsements she’s happily accepted.

Attempts by @HillReporter to reach Miller via phone were unsuccessful at the time of publication. We did not reach out to the Williams campaign, as she has repeatedly mocked this publication and has never responded to prior requests for comment.

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