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Neo-Nazi Arrested For Planning to Bomb Gay Bar, Synagogue

Neo-Nazi Arrested For Planning to Bomb Gay Bar, Synagogue

This week, Fox News Tucker Carlson said that white supremacists don’t pose a threat to America because they don’t exist. The comments cost the host a number of sponsors and amid the hubbub, he opted to take the next few weeks off.

The FBI, however, is taking the threat of white supremacist violence quite seriously. In a preemptive move, the bureau arrested 23 year-old Conor Climo of Las Vegas late this week. According to reports, Climo had made plans to bomb a synagogue as well as a gay bar.

Climo has been under FBI surveillance since April of this year. The bureau said he had been, “communicating with individuals who identified with a white supremacist extremist organization using the National Socialist Movement to promote their ideology.”

The Las Vegas Joint Terrorism Task Force began looking into Climo when they discovered he had been communicating with Atomwaffen Division. The Task Force wrote in a complaint:

“AWD encourages attacks on the federal government, including critical infrastructure, minorities, homosexuals, and Jews. AWD works to recruit like-minded members to the organization, train them in military tactics, hand to hand combat, bomb making, and other techniques in preparation for an ‘ultimate and uncompromising victory’ in a race war.”

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After using an informant to communicate with Climo online, the FBI swooped in to make the arrest. Nevada District Attorney Nicholas A. Trutanich said in a statement, “Law enforcement in Nevada remains determined to use the full weight of our investigative resources to prevent bias-motivated violence before it happens. I commend our partners who identified the threat and took swift and appropriate action to ensure justice and protect the community.”


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