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Neil Katyal: Trump’s Reign is a “Snowflake Presidency”

Neil Katyal: Trump’s Reign is a “Snowflake Presidency”

Donald Trump campaigned as a man of the people. He claimed his status as a businessman would allow him to disrupt Washington DC in a way no one ever has. And during his campaign for the Republican nomination an beyond, the President has been willing to insult anyone who’s gotten in his way.

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While Trump has been happy to dish criticism, his detractors say that he completely unwilling to accept it. During an appearance on MSNBC on Tuesday, former solicitor general, Neil Katyal blasted Trump for having a “snowflake presidency.”

Katyal was particularly incensed by the story of Ismail B. Ajjawi. Ajjawi is a Palestinian student who was set to attend Harvard University this fall. Immigration officials revoked the student’s visa after discovering that some of his social media friends had been critical of the United States. Ajjawi has now been readmitted to the country and is ready to attend school.

The former solicitor general said that the situation was, “the encapsulation of Donald Trump’s snowflake presidency.”

Katyal continued, “I can’t imagine something more pernicious and destructive than the idea that we’re not going to let people into this country because we’re afraid of what their friends might say or think. Our entire country is built on the idea that we celebrate debate, we celebrate disagreement.”

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The segment closed with Katyal telling host On the Beat host Ari Melber, “He’s afraid to have people who disagree or have friends who disagree, we don’t even know that this student disagreed, and it’s getting out-of-control”


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