Neal Katyal Tells Jen Psaki Why Trump Conviction is Common Sense [VIDEO]

Over the last few weeks, there has been a heavy focus on Donald Trump's hush money trial. It took a very long time for the case to go to trial, but it is now coming to completion, and a verdict could be coming soon. 

During her Sunday show, Jen Psaki spoke with former Solicitor General Neal Katyal about the case. And according to the legal expert, Trump should be very worried about the verdict the jury could return against him. 

The host asked her guest, "What we should expect from the defense, given what we’ve seen over the last couple of weeks in their closing argument?"

" I think what the Trump defense is going to do is basically to say, this is not a case about Donald Trump," Katyal said. "It’s a case about Michael Cohen and then putting Michael Cohen on trial. But call him a liar. They’ll say he was convicted because he was a liar, that he’s in it for his own ends, that he’s in it for ego because he’s not a spurned lover, but a spurned lawyer by Donald Trump and the like."

The former Solicitor General would continue:

"And the prosecution is going to say, hey, this is common sense. We’re talking about a guy, Donald Trump, who watched every penny. Do you really think that he would have been cool with all this money going out of his account without knowing it? Do you really think he would just reimburse $430,000 or whatever that number is, without some knowledge about what was going on? Of course not. So it’s a common sense case, and I suspect that it’s going to be successful."