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NBC Reporter: If Trump Doesn’t Crush DeSantis, FL Gov. Could Take Over the Party [VIDEO]

NBC Reporter: If Trump Doesn’t Crush DeSantis, FL Gov. Could Take Over the Party [VIDEO]

Donald Trump may have been voted out of office in 2020, but he is still controlling the Republican party. That grip is tenuous, though. While he has plenty of support in the House, senators like Mike Rounds and Mitch McConnell are moving away from him.

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While Trump is popular with many GOP voters, he turns off many more moderate voters. Ron DeSantis has emerged as a possible alternative to the 45th president. According to NBC’s Mark Caputo, Trump could still crush DeSantis, but he has to move fast.

Caputo told the Morning Joe panel, “I think at this point, and notice how I said ‘at this point,’ Donald Trump is still the center of gravity of the Republican Party around which others revolve. He’s got so much weight that he could kind of crush DeSantis in that. However, as time goes on and DeSantis becomes more popular in the GOP, things could change. A week is a lifetime in politics, and we’re talking about 2024.”

The reporter continued:

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“There is an interesting every evolution that happened around DeSantis. He got elected in 2018 and took office in 2019, and around March 2020, the pandemic happened, and he was a subject to a lot of criticism from the national news media and from a lot of experts and, at first — things changed with the delta variant in August — but what you saw up until August of 2021 was DeSantis became more and more powerful with the base as he resisted more and more of the experts in of the media and what Democrats said he should do with mask mandates, later with vaccine mandates, and so he sort of grew into that role.”

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