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Nazis Drop Propaganda Leaflets During Ariana Grande Concert

Nazis Drop Propaganda Leaflets During Ariana Grande Concert

When Nazi’s have shown their faces in public, they’ve faced severe opposition from counter protesters like Antifa. Since Charlottesville, white supremacists have attempted to find different ways to disseminate their message.

One of those methods was on display Friday night as Nazi’s targeted an Ariana Grande concert at Sacremento State University. A drone was flown over the parking lot and dropped a number of leaflets featuring Nazi propaganda on the parking lot.

Student journalist, Dom Vitiello, tweeted about the leaflets and shared examples. He wrote, “Different forms of flyers were released over the event here a two different types.”

Sacremento State president, Robert Nelson was quick to condemn the action. He said in a statement:

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“Sacramento State condemns in the strongest terms the dissemination of hate speech and propaganda Friday evening at our annual fundraising dinner on the Guy West Bridge. The anonymous act of spreading such vile material is offensive and runs counter to the principles of inclusion and diversity practiced at Sac State. It did not stop the event, nor will it slow our march toward greater understanding and commitment to the rights and safety of our campus community.”

According to the Sacramento Bee, the leaflets may have been dropped by a man named Tracy Mapes. Mapes has been charged in the past with using drones to drop racist flyers.

This isn’t the first time an Ariana Grande concert has been targeted. Following the singer’s May, 2017 concert in Manchester, England, a terrorist set off a bomb in the parking lot killing 22 people.

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