Navarro Compares Melania to Jackie, Is Shut Down By Mitchell Over COVID “Cure”

Peter Navarro, an assistant to Donald Trump who has a background in economics but not medicine, once again used a Tuesday morning television appearance to push false coronavirus cures. To her credit, interviewer Andrea Mitchell took him to task over his claims regarding an unproven treatment utilizing plasma for COVID19 that his boss touted, but is no longer supported by the head of the FDA, Dr. Stephen Hahn.

Trump called a press conference on Sunday to make the announcement of an emergency authorization for convalescent plasma along with Hahn and HHS Secretary Alex Azar and was met with immediate criticism that Trump was trying to manufacture some good news by pushing an unproven cure ahead of the Republican National Convention. The timing of this particular announcement is also being questioned, as it happened to coincide with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s surgery to remove a benign polyp from his vocal chord. Dr. Fauci is expected to resume his duties, with minimal speaking.

Dr. Hahn rose to the criticism and apologized for overstating the supposed benefits of the therapy.

“I have been criticized for remarks I made Sunday night about the benefits of convalescent plasma. The criticism is entirely justified. What I should have said better is that the data show a relative risk reduction not an absolute risk reduction,” he wrote on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time Navarro has had a testy exchange regarding the coronavirus and the myriad cures he’s touted, although he seems to have moved on from hydroxychloroquine in favor of this newer treatment. Navarro also used the interview to remark on Tuesday’s RNC speakers, including First Lady Melania Trump, whom he compared to Jackie Kennedy only days after she received major criticism for her $12 million overhaul of the Kennedy Rose Garden during a time of deep economic hardship.

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