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Nation’s 5th Largest School Superintendent Fired by Board ‘For Convenience’ in a Highly Contentious Meeting

Nation’s 5th Largest School Superintendent Fired by Board ‘For Convenience’ in a Highly Contentious Meeting

School boards are currently getting more news coverage than they ever have. Thanks to issues like COVID-19 and Critical Race Theory, Conservatives are frequently making scenes at the events. So now, the school boards have become more political than ever before.

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Dr. Jesus Jara is the superintendent of Clark County Schools in Nevada. The head educator faced a vote last night to terminate him from his position. And in a stunning turn of events, Jara was bounced from his position.

Jara had the support of MAGA loving school board member Katie Williams and two others. That wasn’t enough, however, to save his job.

The former superintendent said in a statement:

“As superintendent of the Clark County School District since 2018, my focus has never wavered from working every day to improve the well-being and academic success of our students. While some members of this board seek to run the operations of the District and micromanage and undermine the staff and me, I have been dedicated to protecting the staff from their overreach and interference. My focus on student well-being and academic improvement has not wavered. Unfortunately, a majority of the trustees did not share that vision and this community and our children will suffer because of it.”

This is a developing story as now the social media war between Katie Williams and Linda Cavazos is heating up.

Proud Boy sympathizing, anti-masking Katie Williams immediately took to personal attacks against the family of the Board member President after an attempt to oust the President was unanimously tabled. Katie Williams had already left the building and refused to put on a mask. But she continued to Tweet during the meeting…here is just one example of her posts.

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Clearly, the losers here are the kids, but hey, there were adults in the room, right?

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