National Guard Preps For Q-Anon’s Fake Inauguration Day Next Month

Q-Anon believers have some improbable ideas about Donald Trump, Joe Biden, America, and reality as a whole. One that’s creating an immediate concern is their belief that the inauguration date for the new President of the United States is actually March 4th.

National Guard in DC, Q-Anon still a threat
[Photo by ERIC BARADAT/AFP via Getty Images]

As the Library of Congress documents here, the date of March 4th was set in the U.S. Constitution as inauguration day, because of the logistics of gathering and counting votes for the entire nation. In 1933 it was changed, via Constitutional Amendment, to limit the lame-duck session in which an exiting president could still use, or misuse, the power of his office.

Salon reports that the National Guard is preparing for any kind of renewed attack on the Capital, since Q-Anon believers have fixated on that date as the date that Donald Trump will, they believe, retake the Oval Office and resume the presidency. Some additional background on their theory and plans can be found here.

Like apocalypse date-predicters, though, they also have a list of fallback dates in case that one fails, including May 20th.

For now, the National Guard will stay in D.C. through March 12, in case of any threats related to the false inauguration date. Though investigations continue into the planning of the attack on January 6th, at this time Pentagon official Robert Salesses says that there have been no specific threats uncovered for these dates, and it’s a matter of precaution.

In the meantime, the FBI continues to try to identify remaining suspects in the January attack, and if you recognize any of the participants shown here, they agency is accepting tips here.

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