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National Enquirer’s Former Executive to Spill Trump Secrets in New Book

National Enquirer’s Former Executive to Spill Trump Secrets in New Book

There are few people who know Trump’s most personal secrets better than the National Enquirer’s David Pecker. Now Pecker’s former right-hand-man and executive editor, Barry Levine, appears ready to spill the beans in a new book he’s reportedly planning to publish.

The book, which the Hachette Book Group reportedly has the rights to, will examine “Trump and his women,” according to a source, speaking on the condition of anonymity to PageSix.

Pecker, who back in August was granted an immunity deal in the federal investigation into Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, was incredibly close to Levine until only recently. Pecker allegedly would buy up the rights to damaging stories about Trump and then not publish the stories.

According to two former American Media employees speaking to the the Wall Street Journal earlier this year, “tips about Mr. Trump poured into the tabloid after his television show ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ took off in 2002, but the Enquirer turned away stories that could paint him in a bad light.”  These employees then went on to say that Barry Levine once “reminded them that Mr. Pecker wouldn’t allow it [the stories being published].”

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Levine left the Enquirer in 2016 after 16 years with the company, and would undoubtedly have multiple stories which were originally hidden away from the public, that he could now tell the world in his upcoming book.

Levine has always had an interest in politics, being part of the team who uncovered the facts surrounding John Edwards’ love child and affair. At this time it, is unknown when this book may be published or the exact stories which Levine may discuss.

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