National Election Defense Coalition Issues Call To Action To Take Voting Machines Offline

In a new public service announcement and call to action, the National Election Defense Coalition warns the public that when voting machines are connected to the internet, they’re very hackable, and can be manipulated to falsify voting totals. The organization has prepared an action website to help voters have a voice in protecting their votes.

VOting machines can be hacked, Nationa Election Defense warns
[Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images]

The NEDC released a short PSA. A portion of it is an NBC news clip about an investigation that discovered these machines could be manipulated, and that, while election officials said machines were not connected to the internet, investigators discovered that some, in fact, were, and vulnerable to attack.

In fact, in Bob Woodward’s recent book, written based on a series of interviews with Donald Trump and others, he discusses the president receiving intelligence that malware was found on some machines used in the 2016 election, designed to allow the deletion of votes.

The Election Defense Action site offers several ways for voters to help defend the elections. There’s a petition to sign to call for swing states, Florida, Michigan, and Wisconsin, to disconnect their machines from the internet, so that they cannot easily be attacked with malware. A visitor to the site can also send a pre-written email to elections officials, or a tweet tagging them.

The organization warns, this election will hinge on swing states, and that these are “active targets for foreign hackers, whose attacks on the 2016 election were a dress rehearsal,” and that assertions by voting machine manufacturers and election officials that there is no internet connection are often simply not true.

For more information or to take action, voters can click here to view the NEDC’s materials on protecting the integrity of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.

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