Nashville Bombing Suspect May Have Been Targeting AT&T Building

Just one day after Nashville Police had identified a person of interest in the Christmas morning explosion that rocked their downtown, a potential motive for the bombing has been revealed. Records show the suspect’s late father worked for BellSouth, a telecommunications company that merged into AT&T in 2006, before his death in July 2011 at age 78. The blast from an RV that was parked outside an AT&T building injured three people and caused service outages that have affected customers and 911 operations.

Federal investigators were searching the home of Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, who is considered a suspect in connection with the December 25 bombing. Officials had previously confirmed that possible human remains were located at the scene of the incident, and an investigation into a house in suburban Nashville began on Saturday.

Warner’s mother has consented to be swabbed by the federal investigators to determine a match to the possible remains found in the RV. If her DNA is determined to be linked to the remains found in the RV, one law enforcement official said, the blast is likely to have been a suicide bombing.

During a Saturday press conference, U.S. Attorney Don Cochran said that it’s still unclear whether there is just one or several suspects involved in the blast that left three people injured in downtown Nashville. Federal, state, and local investigators are following up on over 500 leads reported over the past 24 hours.

Cochran described the incident as a “cowardly bombing on Christmas morning” after law enforcement indicated that it was intentional. Nashville Chief of Police John Drake assured residents that the city is now “safe.” John Cooper, the city’s mayor, has implemented a curfew in the downtown area until Sunday to limit public access to the crime scene as the investigation continues.

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