Nancy Pelosi Shuts Down Batty Religious ‘Cures’ For COVID-19, Urges Adherence To Science

One thing that tends to happen during crises is that the devoutly religious become even more devoted to their faith. There is nothing wrong with that; after all, faith is a source of comfort for people. That is almost its whole point for many.

Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

However, there are “faith leaders” out there who are nothing more than shameless opportunists, and there is no better time to capitalize on their platforms than during something like what we are going through now.

Despicable as it is, it should come as no surprise that many of these people are peddling faith and prayer as a “cure” for the COVID-19 pandemic that has brought global society to a grinding halt.

Many of these folks are supporters of President Donald Trump, and they have large platforms and flocks of faithful followers to dangerously manipulate. One example of this is Kenneth Copeland, who actually said he was healing coronavirus through the television set. All you had to do is put your hand on your own television, and touch it to Copeland’s suspiciously oily paw:

Now, this is obviously ridiculous. It is also dangerous, though, as was pointed out by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-California). During a briefing on relief packaging, Speaker Pelosi said of curing the virus:

“It won’t happen unless we respect science, science, science…And for those who say we choose prayer over science, I say science is an answer to our prayers.”

Pelosi herself is a devout Catholic, so she knows a thing or two about prayer, I am sure. However, I am glad that the leader of the United States House of Representatives also has smarts and common sense, and realizes that any higher power worth its salt would also urge adherence to science and reason during a global pandemic.

Watch her remarks below:

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