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Nancy Pelosi Requests All Documents Related to Brett Kavanaugh’s FBI Investigation

Nancy Pelosi Requests All Documents Related to Brett Kavanaugh’s FBI Investigation

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has filed a formal request to obtain all documents relating to the FBI’s investigation against Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Pelosi made good on her promise to request a Freedom of Information Act pertaining to the FBI’s investigation of sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh, according to Talking Points Memo.

The Democrat congresswoman released a press release on Sunday, confirming she had taken the appropriate steps to have the full report released, including interview transcripts and communication between the White House, Senate Republicans, and the FBI.

The report —which has only been read by senators and some of their staffer members — could potentially spark more controversy against Kavanaugh’s Saturday appointment to the Supreme Court, considering many of his former classmates and accusers have accused the FBI of ignoring their attempts to reach out.

One such classmate, William E. Scheuerman who attended Yale University and graduated the same year as Kavanaugh, told the Indy Star in an opinion piece published today that he had information regarding Debby Ramirez’s allegations.

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However, the FBI reportedly never returned his call, prompting Scheuerman to state: “In reality, the FBI investigation was a joke. I know because I tried to help FBI and was rebuffed.” Talking Points Memo also stated the FBI omitted Kavanaugh from the interview list as well.

With Pelosi’s FOIA request, she seeks “to set the record straight” for the American people.

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