Nancy Pelosi: ‘People Will Die’ Without Immediate Federal Financial Relief

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) urged both chambers of Congress to pass an additional coronavirus relief package before the end of September, when current benefits are set to expire.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Extending the $600 per week Pandemic Unemployment Assitance program through at least January 2021 remains the top priority, with millions of Americans living on the brink of finanial destitution. The consquences of not doing so would be deadly.

“I hope not. People will die,” Pelosi said on Wednesday. Pelosi added that she hopes Democrats and the White House can reach an agreement before the upcoming September recess. Otherwise, tens of millions of Americans – and the economy as a whole – will face total calamity.

But Republicans and Democrats remain far apart on key issues, Pelosi said.

“We have a vast difference in our values,” the Speaker told MSNBC.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who has blocked every attempt to get Americans the financial relief they so desperately, once again lit the gaslight. “Democrats seem to be done being reasonable,” he said Wednesday.

Talks have been stalled for weeks because Republicans insist on saying ‘no’ to every offer Democrats make. Thus, Pelosi has reached her wits end and is putting mounting pressure on the GOP to get things done.

Republicans are “disorganized, in disarray, and do not believe in governance or science,” Pelosi said. “Let’s meet in the middle, we’ve said all of that,” Pelosi said. “But until they’re ready to do that, it’s no use sitting in a room and let them tell us that states should go bankrupt.”

But, Pelosi added, “as a practical matter,” Republicans are “going to have to come to the table.”

Last weekend, President Donald Trump signed a series of executive orders to bypass Congress’ inability to get anything done. The unconstitutionality of the decrees aside, there are a plethora of problems that they present.

On Sunday, Senate Minority Chuck Schumer (D-NY) decried the power grab as “paltry, unworkable, weak, and far too narrow.” Trump’s signing event at his Bedminster, New Jersey Country Club was just what Trump does — a big show but it doesn’t do anything.”

He continued:

“As the American people look at these executive orders, they’ll see they don’t come close to doing the job” because of “what they propose and what they left out.”

Such an assertion “belittles the American people,” Schumer told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. “Americans want to work, but with 10, 11 percent unemployment, you can’t find a job, and people shouldn’t be given a pay cut.”

“Most states will take months to implement it because it’s brand new. It’s sort of put together with spit and paste, and many states, because they have to chip in $100 and they don’t have money, won’t do it,” Schumer said. “To boot, it depletes the hurricane trust fund to defer this money, to pay for this money, when we’re at the height of hurricane season.”

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