Nancy Pelosi Goes Scorched Earth on GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz [VIDEO]

During a weekend appearance on CNN, Nancy Pelosi trashed controversial Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. 

House Republicans have once again exhibited their total dysfunction this week while threatening to shut down the US Government. Matt Gaetz became the face of this dysfunction. In the end, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy caved and the Republicans made a deal. 

Gaetz is furious over the deal and is happy to tell anyone who will listen that he plans on getting McCarthy removed from his position. On CNN today, Jake Tapper asked Nancy Pelosi about the congressman and she responded:

"I will say this one thing, listening to your conversation, if that's a conversation, your back and forth there, it's such a fraud when they start, the basis of this is about spending. These are people who gave a tax cut to the richest people in America to the cost of $2 trillion to our national debt when what's his name [Donald Trump] was President of the United States."

The former Speaker of the House continued, "It's about a values debate, and you're wasting your time on that guy because he has no sway in the House of Representatives, except to get on TV and to raise money on the internet."