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Nancy Pelosi Doubles Down On Kevin McCarthy ‘Q-Party’ Label In Mocking Tweet

Nancy Pelosi Doubles Down On Kevin McCarthy ‘Q-Party’ Label In Mocking Tweet

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was criticized and lauded (along party lines) Wednesday for a press release labeling House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s political affiliation with a Q rather than an R. Now her team is doubling down on the label in a new scathing retort.

Kevin McCarthy if the q fits
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Yesterday we reported on the press release in which Pelosi described her Republican counterpart as a member of, not the Republican party, but the Q party, before going on to describe his defense of Marjorie Taylor Greene as an act of handing over the entire Republican party to the Q-Anon caucus.

Democrats widely lauded her for dropping truth bombs, and Republicans criticized the characterization as unprofessional. By Thursday morning, Pelosi’s team was shrugging off the angrier responses. The account run by Pelosi’s political team tweeted a news story about the press release, and a response.

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“If the Q fits.”

The GOP seemed to confirm the fit of the Q on Wednesday. The Washington Post reports that McCarthy refused to remove the Q-loving conspiracy theorist who also told a wild antisemitic tale of lasers causing wildfires, harassed school shooting survivors, and called for the death of her colleagues, from committee assignments. Missing the opportunity to distance his party from these behaviors and ideas, he called the pressure to do so a “partisan power grab.”

In fact, Democrats will now be forced to put Greene’s committee assignments to a vote, attempting to remove her without the GOP’s cooperation. There is also the possibility of an effort to expel her from Congress entirely.

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